LOSaR - Line Oriented Search and Replace

LOSaR is a line oriented search and replace tool. In bullets it looks like this:

• Line Oriented
• Online
• Browser based
• Easy to use
• Stackable functions

Add functions to modify the input to obtain the desired result. Multiple functions can easily be added to create complex operations.
Functions are processed from top down. Use the arrow buttons to the right, to move the functions up and down.

Move the functions up.      Move the functions down.      Add a new function above.      Remove the function.

Text fields marked blue
Text fileds with input starting or ending with white space (tabs or spaces) are marked with a blue background. This is not to mark an error, but only to show that white space is present. Text copied from a document can easily have an extra tailing space, that might should not be there.

Input to and result from this tool is sent over the internet and calculated server side. So use at own risk with private or confidential data.
You can buy a copy of the script for 20$, so that you can run the script on your own local server, intranet or workstation. Please use the contact form on the front page if interested. Click here: Contact

Instructions and Information