Apache HTTP Server PHP User Manager

What is Apache HTTP Server PHP User Manager?

Apache HTTP Server PHP User Manager is a small tool that you can use to password protect a directory on an Apache HTTP server. You can also use it to add users, change passwords, delete users and remove protection again.


  • Single File - Easy to deploy
  • Build in option to delete tool, when done using it
  • Protect a directory (create .htaccess and .htpasswd)
  • Remove protection (delete .htaccess and .htpasswd)
  • Add users
  • Remove users
  • Set password for existing users


For this tool to function you will need the following:
  • A web server capable of running PHP scripts
  • PHP must have write access to directory being protected


Download here: Apache_HTTP_Server_PHP_User_Manager_1.1.zip (6kB)


If you are having problems getting the tool to work, send me a description of the issue you are having.
Use the contact form on this page: Contact