PHP Scripted FFmpeg Video Converter


PHP Scripted FFmpeg Video Converter is a tool that can automatically convert just about any video format. By default videos will be converted to mp4, but this can be configured.
Use it to change video format, from like avi or mov to mp4 or change video resolution or quality.


The PHP Scripted FFmpeg Video Converter is not installed, it simply runs from the directory where it is placed.


  • Free for private non commercial use
  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Automatically converts all video placed in the 'in' directory
  • Settings included to merge karaoke cdg lyrics and mp3 music to mp4 video
  • Converts 4K video to 1080p (or any other resolution)
  • Perfect for 'batch' converting large number of videos
  • See configuration information in settings.txt and readme.txt for all features


When used commercially a donation for at least 10$ must be made per system where it is used.
For private non commercial use PHP Scripted FFmpeg Video Converter can be used for free.
You are of cause still more than welcome to donate if you like the script, even though you only use it privately.

Under no circumstances can PHP Scripted FFmpeg Video Converter or any part of it be distributed or sold, or be part of another work that is being distributed or sold.

Test the script before donating - Donations are not refundable.
Use the PayPal donate button for donations:


For this script to function you will need the following:
  • Windows workstation or server
  • Visual C++ 2019 (64bit) Runtime Libraries (is included in the package)


Download latest version here (Released 2021-Mar-19): PHP Scripted FFmpeg Video Converter 2.2.6

CONTACT / SUPPORT (English or Danish/Dansk)

Please use the contact link below if you have any comments, questions, requests, greetings etc.

If you are having problems getting the script to work, then please write a description of the issue you are having. Please make sure that the problem is not a one-time incident. For me to have a look at it, you must be able to describe how to replicate the issue.

Use the contact form on this page: Contact